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Picking the Perfect Phrases (for SEO)

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Here’s hoping your 4th of July was explosive!  I read, this morning, that the Fort Collins police received 200 complaints about fireworks over the weekend.  This tells me 2 things.  First, I still don’t understand why fireworks are illegal.  Yes, they can be dangerous but so is a car, motorcycle, bicycle, big wheel and slip…

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Expose Yourself, Yourself!

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It is no secret there is no shortage of people out there willing to take your money in exchange for “improving your presence on search engines” or “improving your exposure on “”. They will claim to “update your web presence, add videos, improve your listing on Google, etc. While this all sounds intriguing at the…

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Phew, that was a gap and a half

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OK, so I just realized I’ve become the plumber with the leaky faucet and the cobbler with no shoes.  I tend to preach (nicely) to my clients about content being king.  Then I go and ignore my website and blog for a few months. Not cool.  I’m here to remedy that.  No promises about anything…

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A Little Keyword 101

If you have headed down the road of Search Engine Optimization, you are familiar with the importance of “keyword phrases”. These are the bread and butter of any organization’s SEO strategy and are the “meat” in the Internet marketing sandwich. (or soy burger if you prefer!) Using the data from your google analytics account, we…

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Don’t Forget Your Tags!

While I would agree that adding “title” and “alt” tags on your images is of lesser importance to your overall SEO strategy than the “title meta-tag” or certainly, good content. They are still worth considering as part of the big picture. When adding an image (or even a link) to your website, always include the…

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Who’s Searching What?

As I mentioned earlier, knowing what people are searching for, to find your website, is very important to your overall SEO and marketing strategy. I tend to look at this data in two different ways. On the one hand, the group of people that are already searching for phrases you are optimizing for are already…

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Stuck On Statistics

Statistics is not just a hard word to say but also a challenging thing to wrap your brain around from a marketing perspective. You can learn a lot about your visitors and “potential” visitors by reviewing your website traffic, visitor behavior patterns, newsletter/social media posting data and even tracking the flow of those visitors through…

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Constantly Consistent

Add a little consistency to your page. If you are stuck with an older, perhaps “outdated” website, the chore of updating it might be a little more than you want to tackle. As I keep praising the idea of “content is king”, you might be dreading the update process since it is so cumbersome. Let’s…

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Get The Word Out!

This week’s tip comes to us from the land of the Ginsu knives, the Magic Bullet, Tony Little’s Gazelle or even the Snuggie. The main thing these items have in common, besides making you blush when you admit you own one (or MORE than 1, in the case of the Snuggie), is that they were…

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